Solar Panels Installation Services

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Feed in Tariff Incentive

Would you like FREE electricity for the next 25 years?
  • No more paying utility companies increasing energy prices.
  • Get paid 43.3p for every kilowatt hour your panels produce for the next 25 years.
  • Receive a further 3.1p per kilowatt hour from your energy supplier for each unused unit.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and make a real difference to help save the planet.

The government will pay financial incentives for home owners who generate their own electricity thought PV Solar Panels. Not only will you get FREE Electricity for your own home, you can also make money by selling your electricity back to the nation grid AND at the same time reduce your carbon footprint.

Domestic Solar Panels

  • Get paid 100% of the energy generated
  • Increase your value of your property
  • Guaranteed reduce in electricity bills.

For the homeowner, solar panels can deliver a significant reduction in electricity bills. There's also the opportunity to earn money from the UK Government's solar incentive schemes.

For the environment, solar energy represents a cleaner, greener alternative to fossil fuels. Solar panels emit no carbon dioxide as they operate, helping the planet to minimise its carbon footprint

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Commercial Solar Panels

  • Popular Investment Alternative, Guaranteed ROI!
  • Solar Farm Projects
  • Housing Association Projects

The first step before starting any commercial solar panels project is our free consultation, from there we will arrange an onsite evalution.

We provide bespoke solutions for various commercial needs, from solar panel farms, landowners looking to invest, to housing associations building new properties with solar panels installed.

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